Instructor Assistant – LIFE Skills Trainer

High School Diploma or equivalent; ability to lift, bend, push and pull up to 50 pounds preferred


Ability to work with students, staff, and business partners as a team member; experience in developmental disabilities field preferred


High School Diploma: $15.00 per hour

Associate’s Degree or Higher: $15.35 per hour to $16.89 per hour

*Internal candidate’s please contact Human Resources with questions related to compensation

Educational Aide Permit – Ohio Department of Education (can be obtained upon hire); must hold valid Ohio Driver’ License-Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles; must meet and maintain Board/Ohio School Plan insurability standards for driving; must successfully complete and maintain van driver training to transport individuals served into the community (can be obtained upon hire)

●       To coach students in increasing the independence and skills necessary to obtain competitive employment.

●       To lead a community work site with up to four interns and document job performance on each intern using approved data collection tools.

●       To assist with academic activities in a small group or one-on-one as assigned by the instructor.


●       To assist in monitoring IEP goal progress.

●       To provide employability skills coaching using approved curriculum as assigned by the instructor.

●       To encourage a safe environment that is conducive to learning.

●       To complete, submit/utilize reports and forms as the position requires (Google Suite).

●       To maintain confidentiality.

●       To participate in Employment Planning Meetings for those interns you have worked with twice a year to discuss current job rotation, strengths, and needs.

●       To implement behavior plans as requested by the instructor.

●       To develop scaffolded tasks at work sites to contribute toward the outcome of employment.

●       To confer with instructor to develop and coordinate accommodations and adaptations needed at work sites.

●       To be available for team meetings and planning.

●       To problem solve at the work site as challenges arise.

●       To communicate regularly with the instructor, interns, and business partners.

●       To perform other tasks, consistent with the position, as may be assigned.

Additional Working Conditions:

Occasional: Exposure to blood, bodily fluids and tissue, irritating chemicals, unruly children/adults, fumes, electrical hazards; attends functions or performs duties outside normal working hours.

Periodic: Exposure to construction hazards, extreme heat or fire, hazardous chemicals, heavy equipment, loud noise, dust; travels to and gains access to worksite.

This position contributes to the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS)


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Applicant's Agreement

Pursuant to Ohio Administrative Code Section 5123:2-2-02, the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities is required to conduct background investigations for purposes of employment. Please note that per 5123:2-2-02, there are five tiers of disqualifying offenses with corresponding time periods that preclude an applicant from being employed with this agency. Therefore, all applicants under final consideration will be required to submit to a background check through the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation. For more information, please review OAC 5123:2-2-02. Checking the box below verifies only that you understand our requirement to conduct background checks following job offers. Checking below also verifies that you further understand that all prospective employees must pass a drug test prior to being hired.