Physical Therapist – Early Childhood

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Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution in Physical Therapy; must be ability to lift, bend, push and/or pull up to 50 pounds preferred

$25.03 per hour to $29.95 per hour

*A higher rate of pay could be achieved with substantial related experience and/or education

Physical Therapy License – State of Ohio OT/PT Board; Physical Therapy License – Ohio Department of Education; must hold valid Ohio Driver’ License-Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles; must meet and maintain Board/Ohio School Plan insurability standards for driving

Supervises and provides physical therapy treatment for children in a training environment; organizes and supervises extracurricular activities and experiences; provides direction for support services staff, assistants, volunteers and practicum students assigned

Performs specialized assessments of children; provides evaluation and gives physical and functioning tests and measurements (i.e., range of motion, manual muscle testing, neurodevelopmental assessments, sensation and proprioception tests, perceptual motor testing, gait and functional analysis, evaluation of prosthetic, orthotic and adaptive devices); observes and confers with staff, parents and significant others in order to collect information relative to the assessment process and to develop the Individual Education Plan/Physical Therapy Plan of Care

Develops, implements, evaluates and modifies the physical therapy plan for each assigned child

Must be able to lift, carry, push/pull fifty pounds with frequent lifting and/or carrying of up to twenty-five pounds; must be able to lift physically handicapped and non-ambulatory individuals

Evaluates need for and fabricates orthotic devices; fits and instructs in use of prosthesis; develops and maintains physical therapy equipment

Assists in child’s embarkation and disembarkation from transportation vehicles

Maintains the assigned environment in a condition which is conducive for learning and free of health and safety hazards

Plans, develops and implements written plans for assigned children in order to meet the physical therapy objectives as established on the Individual Rehabilitation Plan/Physical Therapy Plan; plans, reviews, selects and maintains therapeutic equipment and materials for use in the assigned learning environment

Requests, secures and follows up on medical prescriptions and information related to the Physical Therapy Plan

Participates as a member of the transdisciplinary team working with other professional staff in assessing, developing, implementing, evaluating and modifying the Individual Education Plan/Physical Therapy

Plan of Care; prepares and maintains written records and reports as required on, but not limited to, children assessments program objectives and progress data for regular evaluations and for revision of the Individual Educational Plan/Physical Therapy Plan of Care

Provides consultation services with staff, parents, guardians and/or significant others to ensure comprehension of physical therapy objectives and to promote generalization of same in the home and classroom environment Participates in and/or provides staff training programs, reads professional literature and attends seminars, academic classes or workshops to enhance professional knowledge and skills in areas such as, but not limited to, physical therapy, behavior and developmental disabilities instruction and/or curriculum development

Serves as a resource person for staff in providing technical assistance and providing in-service training

Attends and participates in staff meetings to obtain and provide information

Travels to homes and other ECE locations to accommodate needs of families, children and ECE; may perform delegated nursing duties

Performs other related duties as assigned

This position contributes to the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS)

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