School-Aged Services

Services for school-age children are provided for students who have multiple handicaps, ranging in age from five through twenty-one. The Board provides these services in collaboration with all of the Franklin County School Districts, meeting standards of the Ohio Department of Education.

The objective of the school services is to provide students with skills which will help them to be less dependent and more involved members of their community. Skills in communication, self-care, socialization, housekeeping, vocational, academics, and leisure areas are taught on an individualized basis to best meet student needs. Instruction is organized into four major areas – Domestic, Community, Vocational and Recreation/Leisure – and focus is placed on instruction taking place in community settings, which students and their families routinely utilize.

Collaborative efforts with the school districts also include transitional services for students approaching adulthood, summer programming, vocational services and services provided for students in regular school district facilities.