Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways that you, as an individual or as a member of a group or organization, can get involved in direct or indirect services with the children and adults we serve.

Early Childhood Education

Volunteering in the Early Childhood Education Program will give you an opportunity to work and interact with children under the age of six who have developmental delays or disabilities. Classes are held in the morning or afternoon.

Classroom options range from self-contained to inclusive settings, where preschoolers with special needs experience learning with their typically developing peers of the same age.

School-Age Programs

If you have an interest in working with older children or young adults, you might consider volunteering in the school-age program. Services for school-age children are provided for students who have multiple disabilities. Skills in academics, communication, self-care, socialization, housekeeping, vocational and leisure are taught. Focus is placed on instruction taking place in community settings.

Summer Programs

Many volunteers, particularly high school and college students, can only offer their services during the summer months. We operate programs for six weeks each summer which offer excellent opportunities for volunteers to interact with and enjoy our students in relaxed and enjoyable settings. The summer programs offer volunteers great flexibility regarding days and hours for their participation and provide a wonderful introduction to service in the area of special education. This is an excellent way to meet the children we serve and their families and to work alongside our creative and experienced staff. Summer programs serve preschool and school-age children.

Adult Recreation Program

The Adult Recreation Program offers many volunteer opportunities because much of the programming is scheduled in late afternoons, evenings and on Saturdays. Adult recreation participants can take advantage of a large variety of activities in the areas of sports, conditioning and other recreational opportunities.

Special Olympics and Aquatics

Special Olympics, a sports and recreation program for individuals ages 8 and up, offers volunteer placements in a variety of sports and recreational activities. Groups and organizations can support Special Olympics by working tournaments as score keepers, timers and chaperones. Members within your group may want to help train athletes or become coaches.

Swimming programs are offered throughout the week at our West Central School for both children and adults. These programs are popular with many volunteers because they offer a wide range of times to participate.

Getting Involved

If you, or members of your organization, are interested in volunteering for any of the programs within the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities, please call 614-475-6440.

We have individuals who volunteer one hour a week or five days a month. Parents, siblings, business professionals, students and others interested in supporting individuals with developmental disabilities provide great support and often say they benefit more from the experience than the people they are volunteering to serve.

Volunteering can give you personal satisfaction, important work experience and career orientation.

When you call, we can send more specific information related to your area of interest. We’ll walk you through the process, including assistance with background checks, so you can get involved as soon as possible.