People Served

The Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities supports people (and their families) of all ages, who have developmental disabilities.  Infants, preschoolers, school-age children, adults, and senior citizens receive services. Services are provided to residents of Franklin County who represent all walks of life.

Below are brief profiles on some of the people served by FCBDD.

L.R. is a four month old child, born at 29 weeks gestation weighing 1.7 lbs. with multiple complications. He received blood transfusions, is on oxygen and has a heart murmur. He lives with his parents, receives early intervention services in the home and Homecare Services from Children’s Hospital. His parent concerns are medical and developmental.

D.D. is a three year old boy with Down Syndrome. D.D. and his Mom and Dad live at home with his three brothers and sisters.

M.S. and J.M. are thirteen year old twins who were born prematurely, and who have cerebral palsy. The girls live with their Mom when she is home, however much of the time they stay with the neighbor or relatives. Franklin County Children Services also have provided support for M.S. and J.M. due to their family situation.

D.Y. is an eighteen year old girl who has quadriplegia. She lives in an apartment, attends High School and receives nursing support 24 hours per day. When she was two years old she was run over by a car, causing her paralysis from the neck down. She requires a ventilator to breathe. D.Y.’s grandmother keeps in touch, but she has no contact with her parents.

F.N. is a 22 year old young man who was born with no handicaps. At the age of 12, he was a victim of a gang beating and, as a result, is non-ambulatory, non-verbal and requires tube-feeding. F.N. still lives at home where he needs nursing support on a daily basis. His father was an executive with a major corporation headquartered in Columbus.

M.K. is a 39 year old man with Down Syndrome. Up until two years ago he always lived with his Mom and Dad and received all the support he needed. Due to health complications with his parents who are Senior Citizens, he moved into a home with others where he and others receive supported living services. M.K. has a job at a fast food restaurant and pays taxes on a regular basis.

J.M. is 48 years old and lives at home with his Dad. He attends a workshop, operated by ARC Industries and funded by FCBDD, every day and needs daily support at home due to failing health of his Dad who is 81 years old. J.M.’s Mom died several years ago.

J.B. is 85 years old and now lives in an apartment. He lived at Orient State Institute for over 50 years. He attends the Senior Program operated by Goodwill Columbus and funded by FCBDD. J.B. has no known family.

S.M. is a 19 year old who was in a serious car accident causing brain injury and other medical complications. S.M. was planning to go to college before the accident. Because the disability occurred prior to the age of 22 in the developmental years, because it is expected to last indefinitely and because it results in significant functioning limitations, S.M. is eligible for services.