Resources for Services

The Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities is supported with local, state and federal sources which fund services for children and adults. Service Coordinators help to explain and identify what resources may be available.

Below is a general description of how services may be supported. However, each person’s circumstances are unique and supports are individualized based on those unique needs.

Support Sources

Supports may be provided through a combination of the following sources:

  • Personal income and resources: Typically used to pay for such things as shelter, food, clothing, personal care and grooming, recreation and personal property. Personal funds and resources are the most flexible and easiest to use with the greatest discretion of the person.
  • Natural and unpaid supports: Assistance provided by family and friends such as giving a ride to work or the gym, family that helps with banking and paying bills, a neighbor that helps with yard maintenance, etc. This is not always available and is dependent on what the person is able to work out.
  • State funding: State funds are provided through annual subsidies for specific services with specific guidelines such as Capital Housing, Family Support Services, and Supported Living.
  • Federal funding: Federal funding is generated through programs such as Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver Services (HCBS) and Medicaid State Plan services.
  • Franklin County resources: Within applicable budgetary constraints, the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities supports the provision of supported living and adult services to as many eligible individuals in need of such services as possible. To this end, the Board places conditions on persons receiving or seeking to obtain county-funded services. Reasonable attempts must be made to utilize primary funding sources for services, including private health insurance and Medicaid, before county funds are used.