Residential Supports

Residential supports for persons with developmental disabilities are supported by the Board.

Individuals are encouraged to be involved in their choice of where and with whom they live and who will provide their support services. Living options include supported living, group homes, Medicaid funded facilities, Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF’s), apartments or houses. Support services may be provided up to twenty-four hours per day, depending upon an individual’s needs.

Funding for residential supports is based on an individual’s ability to pay and may include support from local, state or federal funding sources. People interested in residential supports may apply to be placed on a planning or waiting list.

Visit our “Understanding Medicaid” resource page for a better understanding of the federal waiver program.

Creative Housing is a non-profit organization established by the Board in the early 1990’s. Visit the Creative Housing website to learn how Creative Housing purchases, renovates for accessibility and maintains houses and apartments for individuals who have disabilities.

Most individuals receiving residential supports have Medicaid waivers or live in Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs). For a listing of ICFs in Franklin County and surrounding counties, click here: ICFs in and around Franklin County

DODD has developed a map of all ICFs in the state of Ohio. This map helps you to search for ICFs throughout the state and within a radius of up to 250 miles. For example, a family member may search for all ICFs within a 50-mile radius of the family home. click here for an interactive ICF map on DODD’s Website
Click on the following link to view DODD website’s residential options section: