Commissioner Crawley returns to FCBDD

Children holding welcome banner for Commissioner Crawley
Franklin County Commissioner Erica Crawley is greeted by students and staff at the FCBDD Early Childhood Education and Family Center.

Franklin County Commissioner Erica Crawley paid a visit to the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities and received a cute – and colorful – welcome from children in the Early Childhood Education and Family Center.
“Omigosh, that made my day,” Crawley said as children held a banner that they had decorated for her. “Thank you! I love it.”
Crawley, who was chosen this summer to carry out the remainder of former Commissioner Marilyn Brown’s term, had been serving her East Side community in the Ohio House of Representatives. She also visited FCBDD soon after her election as a state representative.
“She’s been very supportive of early childhood intervention programs and clearly has a strong understanding of their importance,” said FCBDD Superintendent/CEO Jed Morison. “We’re just delighted that she came out.”
Crawley has cited several priorities for her work as commissioner, including addressing housing issues and reducing infant mortality through efforts such as Celebrate One, a program also supported by FCBDD.
She met with Morison to discuss board operations and services before touring the early childhood center. Crawley will have to run for re-election next year to secure a four-year term as commissioner.