Goodwill Columbus, Harmony Project team up as ‘Superheroes’

Smiling woman leaning against colorful bulletin board

With music, dance, poetry, powerful storytelling and more, the Goodwill Columbus-Harmony Project collaborative performance ‘We Can Be Superheroes’ earned rave reviews from participants and audience members alike.

“That’s the outcome,” Tiffany Martin, Director of the Goodwill Columbus Work and Community Services Program, said of the April 10th big event. “But it’s the months and months of preparation and practice that are so important. It’s taking the talent people have and figuring out what they want to do.”

Goodwill has partnered with the nonprofit Harmony Project and We Amplify Voices (WAV) the past two years to create arts opportunities for people with differing abilities and life experiences. Liz has taken part in the overall program, worked on songs and videos with WAV, and is eager to do more:

Any favorite performance areas?

I love singing, I love acting – I love it all! Growing up, there were people who told me I wasn’t going to amount to anything. Well, let’s see them memorize all these lines and perform. It’s like I found my happy place.

Sounds like you make artistic expression a part of your everyday life, too.

I like to draw, and I like to write my own songs. I wrote one that I sang for my grandma’s funeral.

What are some of your other interests? You have accomplished a lot.

I lived at the CDC (Columbus Developmental Center) for 15 years and now I am in Grove City with a roommate! I’m 32; I just did that last year. I do retail, woodshop and the bike shop here at Goodwill. I love animals and I have two guinea pigs – they’re sisters.

You like to help people. What’s some of your best advice?

Do what your heart is telling you to do. I did. Have a faith in yourself, and others will, too.

Click here to learn more or to watch a video of the Superheroes session.