Down syndrome biobank offers at-home service

Little girl with Down syndrome next to DownSyndrome Achieves logo

The DownSyndrome Achieves (DSA) Biobank is now offering at-home services to families willing to donate biological samples for use in medical research projects. “We’ve partnered with a third-party phlebotomy company to collect blood samples in participants’ homes,” said Lito Ramirez, CEO of DownSyndrome Achieves and the parent of a teen with Down syndrome. “This will …

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Star Awards postponed

Out of an abundance of caution, the Community Star Awards event that FCBDD typically holds in the fall has been postponed this year due to the continued spread of the COVID-19 virus. A new date has not been determined; however, consideration will be given to scheduling the event during DD Awareness month in the spring. …

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Down syndrome organization focuses on adult literacy

Reading tutor Carla Harper sits across from Ethan Boerner, who is sounding out words.
Ethan meets regularly with tutor Carla Harper, left. "He's doing great," she said.

When it came to reading, Ethan Boerner didn’t make a lot of progress in school. “It just seemed so hard,” said Boerner, who has Down syndrome. “I wasn’t interested.” He never really got the chance to discover whether he might have been more successful as an older student. His educational programs moved along, and Boerner …

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FCBDD partners with group to offer free online activities throughout the year

The Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities is continuing its partnership with We Thrive Together, a nonprofit organization that offers an array of online programming for people served by Ohio county boards. FCBDD has extended its countywide subscription so that all We Thrive Together programs are free to Franklin County residents until the end of …

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FCBDD helping provide risk-free ways to try remote support

Marci sitting at her table and looking at her remote support provider on computer screen.
FCBDD board member Marci Straughter says remote support services allow her to safely increase her independence.

Families and people with developmental disabilities who want to learn more about the benefits of remote support have plenty of options for trial runs in Franklin County. The Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities and other disability-services organizations are providing both information about remote support and opportunities to try it out – including an offer …

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Support platform evolves for families of kids with cerebral palsy

Four members of the Fogel family next to each other smiling, wearing green t-shirts for cerebral palsy awareness
The Fogel family, going green for CP: Natalie, Jeff, Lynne and (seated) Erica

The phone for CP Parent Columbus still rings, and Lynne Fogel answers, generous as always with her time and knowledge about raising a child with cerebral palsy. “With most of the calls, it’s a new diagnosis. Or a family who thought they had it all figured out, and then they move to a new stage,” …

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