FCBDD helping provide risk-free ways to try remote support

Marci sitting at her table and looking at her remote support provider on computer screen.
FCBDD board member Marci Straughter says remote support services allow her to safely increase her independence.

Families and people with developmental disabilities who want to learn more about the benefits of remote support have plenty of options for trial runs in Franklin County. The Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities and other disability-services organizations are providing both information about remote support and opportunities to try it out – including an offer …

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Support platform evolves for families of kids with cerebral palsy

Four members of the Fogel family next to each other smiling, wearing green t-shirts for cerebral palsy awareness
The Fogel family, going green for CP: Natalie, Jeff, Lynne and (seated) Erica

The phone for CP Parent Columbus still rings, and Lynne Fogel answers, generous as always with her time and knowledge about raising a child with cerebral palsy. “With most of the calls, it’s a new diagnosis. Or a family who thought they had it all figured out, and then they move to a new stage,” …

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