Best Buddies Citizens seeking Franklin County friendship matches

Two young women standing on front steps of a museum in front of a Best Buddies sign

Would you like get involved in the community and help make central Ohio more inclusive?

Best Buddies is accepting applications for Best Buddies Citizens in Franklin County, a program that pairs an adult with an intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) in a one-to-one friendship with an adult without IDD from their local community.

The Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities is partnering with Best Buddies on the Citizens initiative. Because many people with IDD experience a decline in opportunities for social interactions after leaving the educational environment, Best Buddies Citizens focuses on helping adults of all ages engage in public life.

Commitments: Participants commit to at least a one-year friendship; get together in person at least once a month; maintain weekly contact (phone, email, social media, etc.)

Matches: Ideally of similar ages; share common interests; live or work near each other;have a genuine interest in forming new friendship

Requirements: Age 25 or older; submit a membership application (; complete a criminal background check; participate in an interview

To learn more, contact [email protected] or visit