Message about the DSP shortage

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As many of you are aware, workforce shortages are affecting various industries throughout our state and nation, including disability-service providers. We are fortunate here in central Ohio to have a strong local economy and thousands of direct-support professionals doing excellent work.
Still, the situation may be challenging at times. We want you to know that we are doing all we can to address the needs of people we serve and to support the provider agencies and DSPs who deliver these critical services. Though FCBDD does not directly employ DSPs, we support state efforts to increase the wages of these essential workers so that they may thrive in jobs they love.
We also encourage individuals and families to consider, when appropriate, ways to receive services in less labor-intensive ways, such as via remote supports, other assistive technology or modifications to living arrangements.
You can click below to read a letter from Ohio provider and county board associations discussing the workforce shortage.

Workforce Crisis Statewide Letter