In some sports, we are limited in the number of athletes we can take to a competition. We currently work under a quota system for all Summer Games Sports, Swimming, Golf and our skills teams. To be fair to all athletes, in these sports we rotate who goes each year. In order to advance to the state competition, there are criteria by each sport. These are announced at the beginning of each sport season.

Because of these quotas, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you consider whether you want to go to state events or will be able to. If you know you have a vacation or anything scheduled over a state event, please let us know in advance so that you are not entered. Once entered in an event the fees must be paid and we cannot substitute anyone in your place. If entered and you do not attend, you will not be eligible to compete in the state event in that sport the next year. In cases where athletes are waiting several years to compete (i.e., track/bowling) you may sit out for two years as your rotation completes.