Sign up procedures

Once we have received your Athlete Information Release forms, you will start receiving sign-up forms for each sport. It is important that you fill out and send these forms to our office by the date listed. Without this form, you will not be signed up for a sport. Do not assume we will automatically sign you up for any sport, we won’t, even if you have done it “forever.” It is not the policy of this office to call you to see if you want to be in a sport. It is your responsibility to call us with questions or concerns. Forms may be US Mailed, faxed (614.342.5677), or emailed ([email protected]).

SIGNING UP ON TIME IS VERY IMPORTANT – There is a significant amount of work required to prepare for a new season and sport.  This requires time to guarantee everything is in place for a safe and valuable experience for our athletes and volunteers.  Calling the office with late registrations disrupts that process.  Please be respectful of your fellow athletes, parents, guardians and our staff by turning in your forms early.