For afternoon practices we provide transportation from ARC locations to practices and directly home after practice. If you do not attend one of these facilities (ARC North, ARC West, ARC Northeast, ARC Bixby or West Central School) it is your responsibility to get to the practice location on your own.

For evening practices, we provide transportation from pick up points around the city to practice and directly home after practice.  Our pickup locations are ARC North, ARC West, West Central School, Brightview (3789 E. Main Street, 43213) and our Administration Building (2879 Johnstown Road, 43219).

For each activity, after we receive your sign-up form, you will receive a list of pick-up points and times.  The time listed is the time the driver is to LEAVE that location.  Please be there 10 minutes prior to the time listed. During heavy traffic or bad weather, please allow for the vans to arrive at your location.  If you miss the van, your staff/parent/guardian can take you to the practice/competition location.

For safety reasons, when you are being dropped off by your staff/parent/guardian, please stay in your vehicle until the van has arrived.  DO NOT let your staff/parent/guardian leave until you are on the van, simply because if for some reason practice has been cancelled due to weather or there might be some other reasons you cannot ride the van, we want your ride there so that they can transport you back home.